5 Tips to Prepare for Your First Shapewear Order

It’s wonderful seeing women of all sizes loving their bodies and celebrating their curves. They are no longer scared to get dresses up. Instead, they are proud to show off their shapes. The question is what’s the secret behind such an inspiring movement? And the answer is simple, it’s shapewear for women Thailand. 

Hold on, you might not get it right. Shapewear is not made to vacuum sealing yourself until you become one of those so-called perfect bodies in magazines or billboards. It is, in the opposite, created to boost up your confidence and empower your body’s imperfections! To finally become the best of yourself, ladies shapewear Thailand is definitely the answer. 

If you’re reading this, chances are you have never worn the stuff before. But there is nothing to worry even if you’re new because you’ve come to this right place! Just pay attention to the five upcoming tips to ensure you get your first shapewear order right! Up & Under is here to help you love the way you look, and it all starts with womens shapewear clothes Thailand. 

Dress for the occasion

We’re not just talking about special events. Ladies shaping underwear Thailand can be worn under any dress for any kind of occasion. You just need to understand a little about which womens shapewear clothing Thailand is suitable for which type of attire. Check out this Beyond Slimming, be Body Positive with Shapewear that Matches Your Style, a guide that will take you through different collections for different occasions from Up & Under. 

A little homework before an online order Do not just choose the one that ‘looks nice,’ you might need to understand more about each type and style of womens shapewear clothing Thailand: what it does, which area does each targeted, how high their compression level is, and so on. 

Choose the right size

It may seem obvious, but trust me, I cannot stress this enough —pick the right size of shapewear — because if they don’t fit, they don’t work! Many women have been complaining about how shapewear suffocates them; the fact is they are likely wearing the wrong-sized one. Make sure to follow our sizing charts, and do not panic if you are between sizes. Go for one size up if you want to feel comfortable while we would suggest going for a size down if you need firm support. It is that simple.

Shop for your shaping goals

As mentioned, shapewear is not a one-size-fits-all solution for every dress and occasion. You need to understand which attire you would want our shaping underwear for women Thailand to go underneath. For example, if you are a working woman looking for a professional look while still able to move freely all day, you might want to go for our Nine2Five collection; where there are 2 lengths of womens shaping pants to choose from; Girl shorts and Mid-thigh shorts. While if you want to slip into a bodycon dress for a night out, you might be looking for Save the Date womens shaping high waist shorts, which also brings us to the last tip. 

Read our blog! Up & Under does not only sell you a high-quality shaping underwear for women Thailand. We have also posted blogs to help you out with useful information about undergarments. Browse our Wardrobe 101 for everything you need to know about shaping underwear for women Thailand, and even more. We also provide guides and suggestions to make sure you could look your best yet comfortable in any outfit and occasion.