A Shapewear That Neatly Blends In As If It’s Your Second Skin

Up&Under designed womens shaping underwear Thailand to bring back every ladies’ confidence by slimming and flattening your curve. Every piece of our womens shapewear clothes Thailand will fit perfectly providing full support and comfort to enhance your look in any style. 

Womens high waist shaping shorts from Up&Under is produced with the best quality materials and high weaving technology. 32% Spandex fibers were chosen to create our signature Classic fabric, which holds everything in comfortably. An add-on tummy shaping option in our high waist shaping shorts Thailand also does an excellent cinching. Everything blends smoothly with your shape as if it was your second skin allowing you to move freely without feeling restricted. 

Up&Under second skin shapewear

We have been working hard on the production of womens shaping pants Thailand to ensure the functional and high-quality shapewear for women Thailand that you couldn’t find elsewhere. Up&Under Classic fabric has never let anyone down. With 32% Spandex fibre, the fabric is a great stretchy and shaping material at the same time. The chosen material also makes ladies shapewear Thailand more breathable. You can browse womens shapewear clothing Thailand made of this Classic fabric in Nine2five collection for womens shaping shorts and Power Hour collection, high waist shaping underwear for women Thailand. 

Those are to prove how much we care; Up&Under is determined in each and every step of our ladies shaping pants Thailand production so that we could guarantee to provide our valued customers with not just a quality ladies shapewear Thailand but also confidence and self-love in every day.

Up&Under classic fabric shapewear

We believe everyone can achieve the perfect shape in an instant if we only know our body and choose what is best suited. It is never a necessity to choose smaller-size shapewear trying to turn our bodies into someone else’s; everyone can look the best in their own way with Up&Under ladies shapewear Thailand. 

Up&Under aspires to develop shapewear for women Thailand and expand our range of product availability to cover all sizes, especially for Asian ladies. 

A Shapewear That Neatly Blends In As If It’s Your Second Skin 1

“Confidence comes from within, and with it, you have won before you have started” 

If you are self-confident, you will be able to wear any clothes as you wish, showing off your bodies with no fear of judgement, and slay every look. But don’t worry if you are not there yet, Up&Under womens shapewear pants Thailand will take you there, and you will never be let down.

upandunder shapewear

Womens shapewear clothes Thailand is here to help everyone achieve the shape and look of their dream. With our Classic fabric, our products will smooth your thighs, butt, and hips with extra emphasis on the tummy. It will blend in as if it’s your second skin enhancing your look in any of your favourite outfit.