Classic Fabric Shapewear – The Ideal Shapewear for Every Silhouette

Women’s shapewear clothing is every women’s best friend, not just plus size, because of its ability to firm and enhance women’s body. However, it is not just simply choosing the area you want to target. Considering measurements is extremely important as well. Most people seem to believe that the tighter the shapewear, the slimmer they will appear. But that is not the case because if shapewear is too tight, it can bulge under clothing making your look not as perfect as it should be. 

Classic Fabric Shapewear - The Ideal Shapewear for Every Silhouette 1

Up & Under understands the problem, so we invented women’s shaping underwear with meticulous weaving of high-quality fiber that adds performance features like breathability, absorbency, and airiness, making our shapewear the perfect smoothing, lightweight layering piece especially for Asia weather. 

Classic Fabric Shapewear - The Ideal Shapewear for Every Silhouette 2

Our classic fabric comes with four main features: it is not designed only to flatten your tummy, but also help you look and feel your best in your everyday look.

Classic Fabric Shapewear - The Ideal Shapewear for Every Silhouette 3

Xtra Stretch Design: with an elastic 32% Spandex fiber                                           The best thing about 32% Spandex shaping underwear is that it can be stretched repetitively and still recover its original length. You no longer need to worry about your favorite shaping pants becoming overstretched or sagging over time. It is also very well-fitting.

Silicone Lining: undetectable edges with no-roll waistband                                 Shapewear clothing with silicone grips will avoid curls and hold the garment firm in place. Whether it is women’s shaping underwear, shaping pants, or high waist shaping shorts, edge silicone lining will make you feel confident in every of your move. 

Classic Fabric Shapewear - The Ideal Shapewear for Every Silhouette 4

TUMMY Tuck Tech: extra belly control shapewear                                                 With this extra firm tummy tucking, the shapewear clothes will give you more abdominal support; thus, it will completely diminish flabby and plump belly. The fastest and easiest way to firm your stomach without having to feel cramped or uncomfortable. The best breathable tummy control shapewear! 

Seamless Breathability: invisibly blend in with your attire                                          Be seamlessly worn under clothes—Up & Under shapewear—with smooth and stretchy fabrics, provides you all day comforts. It will also hide those unsightly bulges by making the edges look almost invisible under all kinds of clothing. 

Above are the 4 characteristics of our classic fabric. Let us now introduce you to a Nine2Five and a Power Hour, 2 of our women’s shaping pants collections made of the classic fabric that will instantly give you the feminine silhouette. 

Classic Fabric Shapewear - The Ideal Shapewear for Every Silhouette 5

Nine2Five                                                                                                               Our tummy control shaping pants that come in two lengths: a shaping short (Nine2Five Mid-thigh Shorts)or a shaping pant (Nine2Five Girl Shorts) that goes on until your thighs providing full-coverage slimming and shaping from back, tummy, and upper leg. It is one of the must-have items for every ladies as it will create more graceful and natural looks while maximizing the comfort for your daily wearing. 

Power Hour                                                                                                             Two styles of high-waisted shapewear clothing: a brief (Power Hour High Waist Brief)and a mid-thigh short (Power Hour High Waist Mid-thigh Shorts). As the edges are lined with silicone, this women’s shapewear will always stay in the right place, no roll down and will shape you perfectly all the time. We ensure that it will remain invisible with no unpleasant lines. For a bride-to-be, this collection is something you can rely on as well; it will keep you feeling and looking your best on your special day.

That’s all about picking your best shapewear: make sure to choose a breathable, stretchy fabric with a seamless foundation. But if those are too much to consider, just let Up & Under’s Nine2Five and Power Hour collections made of classic fabric be the one to end your frustration. It will surely give you the perfect figure instantly and all day long.