Different Types of Shapewear to Target Your Trouble Spot

Ever wonder what’s underneath those figure-hugging dress? Why are those women look so perfect in them? And how come not a single underwear line ever show? Well, their secrets are simple. Up&Under, the best choice of shapewear for women in Thailand is what behind all those looks. 

Some might think ladies shapewear are made especially for wedding or those special occasions. In fact, there are plenty of modern shapewear styles designed for the different targeted zone of your body. It might sound complicated, but Up&Under is here today to make complex things simple for you. 

High Waist Briefs

High waist shaping brief from Power Hour collection is the womens shapewear clothes Thailand that specifically made to target tummy area. It will flatten all those extra belly fat. With the brief shape, ladies shaping underwear Thailand is perfect for mini dresses. No matter how short your skirt or dress is, this kind of womens shaping underwear Thailand will never get to show off.

up&under power hour high waist brief shapewear

Girl Shorts or Mid-thigh Shorts

If you do not have much concern on the tummy area, but want something that would focus more on your thigh spot, these could be your babies. Womens shaping pants Thailand from Nine2Five collection can give you slimmer thighs. If you want more control, you could go for mid-thigh shorts that will slim and smooth all the way.

up&under mid-thigh shorts shapewear

High Waist Mid-thigh Shorts

Why taking care only of the shaping of tummy or thigh when you can do both? If womens shaping pants or womens shaping underwear are still not enough, here are the ultimate choice we proudly presents. Womens shaping high waist shorts from Save the Date and Power Hour collection will give you compressions both on the tummy and thigh areas at the same time. If you are looking for a total transformation that could give you full control and a perfect foundation for your body, Up&Under’s High Waist Mid-thigh Shorts is absolutely the right choice for you.  

up&under contour high waist mid thigh shorts shapewear

No matter which area is your trouble spot, we provide an answer to all your problems. Don’t forget to check out Up&Under’s Shop for more details!