Dressed to Slay: Pull off Any Occasion with these Looks

Dressed to Slay: Pull off Any Occasion with these Looks 1

Girls are always down for parties, of course! There’s always so much to celebrate and lots of
excuses to get dress up. The point is..it could be stressful sometimes as well. There are many do’s and don’ts for each occasion whether it be the party theme, colour, or places. All needs to fit under the one and most important goal: I need to look pretty !

And when we go to the party with a dress that could slay all, the next step of struggle is to refrainourselves from eating. To look good in the dress, we basically need to starve ourselves all night. However, doing exercises, drinking 8 cups of water a day, going to gyms, or stuff like that might not exactly be the solutions we want to hear, and turning away from those appetizing buffet line is impossible either.

If you find most of those relatable, you may just bring yourself into the right place. Let us introduce you to some easy solutions; women’s shaping underwear, women’s high waist shaping shorts, or women’s shaping pants are definitely what you are looking for. It is perfect for literally every occasion, and for every babe to stay trendy, sexy, and most importantly, confident no matter how many free foie gras you have swallowed!

Satin/silky dresses

This darling satin slip dress is a fashion girl’s best friend. Just slip it on and pair it with sneakers,boots, or heels. It doesn’t matter. It’ll all work, and well. The tricky part is that you can’t really hide your body shape in these kinds of babies. As said, there is nothing to worry about with ladies shaping pants. You can choose a women’s high waist shaping shorts to hide your waist and belly fat making it perfect for the dress.

Dressed to Slay: Pull off Any Occasion with these Looks 2

Wasp-waisted dresses

A dress with very narrow or tightly corseted waist mostly worn with a corset underneath, which was usually laced as tightly as possible until we almost suffocate. Still, we need to do it for the glam. Another way to tackle those without suffering, again, is finding the right kind of women’s shaping underwear that will suit you and your dress best.

Dressed to Slay: Pull off Any Occasion with these Looks 3

White dress or a lightweight fabric

The party dress that started it all. It makes you stand out from others and also adds a touch of sweetness to any outfit. However, it could go extremely wrong with the colored-bra that doesn’t match!! Especially that dark one, believe it or not, when reflecting with a light in the party, they will just pop out!

A bra that matches your skin tone is a safe solution to all. It will be even better if it could also act as a ladies’ shaping underwear, so you don’t need to worry about either of the bars or your fat let out to the eyes of others.

Dressed to Slay: Pull off Any Occasion with these Looks 4