Reasons Why Every Woman Should Invest in Shapewear

Have you ever felt as if your skin is burning while wearing womens shapewear? That must mean it has put too much pressure on your body which makes it so uncomfortable or even painful. Some ladies shapewear might also keep rolling up and down forcing you to constantly adjust it. Some might show obvious lines through your outfit which is unappealing. 

If you ever experienced any of those mentioned, your choice of womens shapewear clothing might not be the right one. There are many elements to consider when buying shapewear: fabrics, compression level, the right size, et cetera. Some material could even cause allergies. Good shapewear for women Thailand has to be comfortable, stretchy, breathable, and boost up your self-confidence rather than bringing it down. 

Reasons Why Every Woman Should Invest in Shapewear 1

Up & Under understands every woman’s struggles — the reason why we produced ladies shaping pants, shaping underwear for women, and women’s shapewear for weddings. Before we launch our products, we spent our time and effort in collecting every shapewear problem trying to tackle them one by one. We carefully choose the fabrics we believe are best, come up with the right weaving technique that would suit Asian women’s shape, to provide solutions to all those body issues. 

Reasons Why Every Woman Should Invest in Shapewear 2

Up & Under’s womens shaping pants Thailand were designed specifically for Asians. Classic Fabric and Contour Fabric, the material we carefully selected, will give you a slimming effect while smoothing out unwanted lines. The fabrics also contain features such as breathability and stretchability. You can be sure it is practical and comfortable at the same time. 

Not only the best-quality fabric that we bring into consideration, but we are also determined to come up with high-technology weaving techniques as well. ‘Multi Density Weave’ for Contour Fabric is an innovation that gives different compression levels to different areas of your body. In a single piece of ladies shaping underwear Thailand, excess pressure will be put on your thigh and hips while leaving light compression to your bottom.

‘TUMMY Tuck Tech™’ in Save The Date Collection also helps flatten your extra belly fat in the most effective way. These womens shaping underwear Thailand are absolutely your lifesaver. 

Reasons Why Every Woman Should Invest in Shapewear 3

All those techniques are what make Up & Under unique. We are focusing on solving every women’s body issue and boost up self-confidence along with self-love. Up & Under’s womens shapewear pants Thailand, the perfect blend between comfort, function, and fashion, and the best shapewear to invest in!