Refine Body Shape With Ladies Shaping Pants

Refining personal style can be a struggle. But no matter what life throws at us, it’s important to be able to adapt while still maintaining a style that is all our own. 

This blog is written to provide a quick solution for any of your style concerns. As you gaze into your closet, Up&Under’s Nine2Five and Power Hour collections for womens shaping underwear Thailand will be there to help you with your professional look. Let’s see which working woman fashion would match each type of our shapewear clothing. 

Office Everyday | Nine2Five Classic Girl Shorts

For those who need to be active all the time: going in and out of the office or meeting various clients, our Classic Girl Shorts ladies shaping pants Thailand will match perfectly with an A-line skirt. As the edge is lined with silicone, it is guaranteed to have no roll up regardless of your moves. The 4 main features that come in our Classic Fabric with an elastic 32% Spandex fiber will define and slim without restricting your movement. 

Office Everyday | Nine2Five Classic Mid-thigh Shorts

When wearing long dresses, jumpsuit, or trousers, you may need extra support in some areas. Classic Mid-thigh Shorts from Nine2Five collection, a perfect choice for womens shaping pants in Thailand, will help firming your waist, tummy, hips, and thighs without rolling down or squeezing your body too tight. It will create a smooth and streamlined foundation to your body. 

Big Presentation Day | Power Hour Classic High Waist Brief

Whether you’re on a big presentation day, an important meeting, or any certain occasion that requires an on-point professional look, what you wear can have a big impact on how you feel as well as how clients perceive you. This High Waist Brief shaping underwear will bring you to every success by boosting up your confidence and hiding all those extra tummy fat for a flawless look. The Classic Fabric is breathable and comfortable. Lined with a silicone edge, this high waist shapewear piece will stay in place at all times. 

Shine on Stage | Power Hour Classic High Waist Mid-thigh Shorts

In such a special event, the Classic High Waist Mid-thigh Shorts, Up&Under’s high waist shaping shorts Thailand, is the perfect assistance to make you and your outfit a star. Especially with maxi dresses or any formal clothes, your curve needs to be flawless. Bring on any form-fitting attire, and put it on with full confidence because, with Classic High Waist Mid-thigh Shorts, you can always achieve a perfect body shape anywhere any time. 

Ultimately, womens shapewear clothing is your secret weapon to a perfect look. It will make you feel confident no matter what you’re wearing. Up&Under womens shapewear clothes Thailand, a must-have item for every woman.