Stand Out at a Wedding with Up & Under’s Shapewear

In the past year, many brides and grooms were celebrating their happy days. And contrary to popular belief, we’ve seen that bride and groom are not the only stars in a ceremony; the bridesmaid and groomsmen are too. Especially when they stand alongside the couple with dresses that all blend in, it is one of the most magical moments every guest keeps an eye on.

The thing is, many bridesmaids do not know they are one of the stars. And by this, it doesn’t mean that you need to spend as much time as the bride dressing up. All you need is just some simple solution Up & Under’s shapewear clothing Thailand—a body makeup piece that would complement your look in just a blink of an eye. 


You don’t have to look as perfect as a bride. A bridesmaid can also look the most stunning in their own ways. The key is to choose the dress style that suits your body type with some support from shaping underwear that goes beyond just slimming. This will help pulling in your tummy, controlling the hips and thighs, and enhance your posture. 

Generally, to make sure everything goes together, there will be a bridesmaid’s dress code under a wedding theme. Most, then, choose to play safe with maxi dresses for the sweet and classy looks. In this case, Up & Under knows exactly what you need. That is why we invented women’s shapewear for weddings; Save the Date shaping underwear collection with a Single Core Design technology that turns our Contour fabrics into one seamless piece of women’s shapewear.

For some that need a little more professional look, a sheath dress that emphasizes the waist with its fitted skirt portion could come into play. A high cut one might be your best option as it could add a little sexiness to the plain attire. With these looks, shapewear clothing is inevitably a must. So, it is right about now that you need to check out our Save the Date collection with an exclusive TUMMY Tuck Tech™ designed to slim and smooth unwanted parts from waist, tummy, to thighs. 

Stand Out at a Wedding with Up & Under’s Shapewear 3

A slim-fit velvet dress is best at highlighting your proportions by its form-fitting silhouette. Save the Date collection, shaping underwear with Zero Seams cutting technique, is highly recommended as it will create a streamlined look without any edge joint or steel bones. It surely will stay invisible under your costume. What a perfect match! 

Stand Out at a Wedding with Up & Under’s Shapewear 4

A plain jumpsuit can be the most comfortable, flattering, stylish, and easy-to-wear piece at the same time. You just need a little help from Save the Date high waist shaping shorts made of Contour fabrics with our particular Multi-Density Weaving technique. It is created for reliable and effective tummy control, waist shaper, while also smoothen out your thighs for a slimmer look from top to bottom. 

Remember, Save the Date collection is perfect for firming the waist, tummy, hips, and thighs. With 4 main features provided, it is, without a doubt, the women’s wedding shapewear that every bridesmaid must be looking for. To win the most eye-catching looks without h