Taking Measurement for Your Online Shapewear Order

“I will be able to fit back into these” is what we say to old outfits laying all over our closet. Though it is ill-fitted, we hold onto them because we are too guilty disposing of (and it’s been years.) This blog will provide a hack to help you able to slip back into your favourite clothes again. It is simple, easy and instant. What could possibly be a better answer than ladies shapewear Thailand! But before you order one, here are some things you should know about choosing the right womens shapewear clothing Thailand. 

Choose your target area

There are plenty of shapewear styles. Each will give compressions to different area of your body. Before picking the right and effective solution, you need to identify the trouble spots first. Compression zones provided by shapewear for women Thailand can vary from tummy, waist, hips, thighs, to bust. Keep in mind, you should never feel embarrassed to say that all that mentioned were quite concerning. It is all right because this is what womens shaping underwear Thailand is created for. Ladies shapewear Thailand that provides full coverage for all areas are available as well.

Choose the right size

No, you cannot just choose the targeted spot and buy the tightest one believing it would make you look slimmer. Trust us, it doesn’t work that way. Too-tight piece of womens shapewear clothing Thailand will push the fat in the wrong way, and cause bulges, which is totally the opposite of flattering. The right size of ladies shaping underwear Thailand should make you feel comfortable. Again, it doesn’t mean you should pick one of the bigger ones because too-large shapewear will mean nothing to your body. It can roll down forcing you to constantly adjust it which could be annoying. 

Take Measurement

To choose the right one and avoid those issues, it is a good idea to take a measurement before making your order. If you have a tape measure, this could be really simple and can be done in no time. Wrap the tape around two areas of your body; the narrowest part of the waist, then, the fullest part of your hips. Do not cinch as the number could be inaccurate and you ended up getting the wrong-sized one anyway. Once you’ve got the right number, determine your size with Up & Under’s size guide to get a piece of womens shapewear clothes Thailand that is right for you.  

Or simply fill in our waist and hip size to our “Find my Size” feature to get the accurate size and you will never be disappointed! https://upandunder.co/find-my-size/