The Bridesmaid’s Guide: Dress Alterations and Women’s Shapewear

The Bridesmaid’s Guide: Dress Alterations and Women’s Shapewear 1

It is always so beautiful to gather up your besties, frocking up and enjoying the best time together! Being part of a bridal party is very special, and an important part of the journey is choosing what your girls will wear!

Now, finding that one dress that everyone feels comfortable in is not always easy. Despite how close we are as best friends, we all have a different style of clothing and preference. We don’t also look the same; that’s the big challenge.

In a group of friends, there is always that perfect-shape one, and if you are not the one yourself, having to wear the same kind of dress with them could be quite concerning.        

The key for a stress-free bridesmaid is that wedding now has so many options for mixing styles,colors, and prints to create a modern and complimentary bridal party. There is no need for everyone to wear the exact same dress. Just choose the type of fabric, color, and tone that everyone can agree on, and we can customize different cuttings to match each and every bridesmaid in their own shapes and styles.

Another bridesmaids’ best friend is women’s shapewear for weddings. What’s great abouwomen’s wedding shapewear is that it creates a more defined silhouette by smoothing everything out. Ladies shaping underwear, high waist shaping shorts, or ladies shaping pants could help smoothen out the tummy, hips, or waist. It also eliminates panty lines, chafing and gives a great streamlined silhouette.

The Bridesmaid’s Guide: Dress Alterations and Women’s Shapewear 2

Despite the customized bridemaids’ dresses and women’s shapewear for weddings, posing tricks could be another helping tool.

• Move your hips slightly sideways to the camera will make your hips look better and create a smooth curve. You might as well leave a hand behind your back.

• Put one hand on your hips to create a gap between your arm and your body. This simple pose will make your waist, and also your arms look thinner and graceful.

• Surprisingly, one of the best angles for a photo could be from behind. Stand in a half-turn to the camera and tilt your head a little can make you look stunning as well.

Now you have a great pose idea that will allow you to carry out the bridesmaid photoshoot professionally!