Up & Under, Thai Shapewear Brand that Understands Every Asian Body

Up & Under understands every Asian woman’s body issues. And sometimes, helping tools such as women shapewear might not be as ideal as you thought. With low-quality fabric that does not support breathability and the same old weaving technique, women’s shaping underwear might not be comfortable and practical for daily wear. Some, then, hope to rely on top-quality imported or international brands. The harsh truth is their size chart might not cover our Asian body shapes. 

Up & Under notices every single problem with womens shapewear clothes Thailand, and tries to do everything we can to solve it point by point. With many processes and procedures, we have spent our time and effort carefully curating the top quality fabrics and the finest weaving techniques for the production of Up & Under shaping underwear for women Thailand to make sure our products suit Asian women’s body the best. 

Up & Under womens shaping underwear in Thailand is designed to solve every Asian woman’s body issues. It will complement every figure. Our Classic and Contour fabrics provide breathability and ultimate comfort; it will slim and smooth your body. Woven with the modern weaving technology, our womens shaping underwear Thailand will provide support to your body without feeling like you can’t breathe. It can also fit perfectly under any outfits as the color matches our skin tone. 

Up & Under, Thai Shapewear Brand that Understands Every Asian Body 1

We know your body shape well

Every girl has their own trouble spot whether it be the belly fat, inner thigh, or any excess weight around the hips. These problems create body image insecurities resulting in them ended up wearing the same old shirt every day. Up & Under’s womens shaping high waist shorts and womens shapewear pants Thailand will give you a little extra help fitting perfectly into any kind of attire you love. Medium compression garments with specific ultra-comfortable and discreet fabric will make it feels as if it’s your second skin, comfortable for everyday wear even in Asian weather. 

Up & Under, Thai Shapewear Brand that Understands Every Asian Body 2

Everyday comfort smoothing shapewear

Up & Under’s latest innovation brings Single-Core Design and TUMMY Tuck Tech together to offer firmness and slimming while it is still stretchy and comfortable. Besides, Zero Seams tech will build the most perfect streamlined look that makes our ladies shaping underwear Thailand disappear under all dresses. There will be no lines and dents from seams or buttons. Multi-Density Weave also designs compression zones to smooth and sculpt your body effectively. 

Up & Under, Thai Shapewear Brand that Understands Every Asian Body 3

Confidence Within

The highlight of Up & Under is the well-thought-out techniques that allow us to produce the best ladies shaping underwear in Thailand that suits Asian body types best. Our womens shapewear clothing Thailand is designed to tackle all the body image insecurities and bring you out of your fashion comfort zone. With Up & Under, you will be able to handle every occasion and slay every dress code with no worries!