Women’s Shapewear: The Best Body Makeup Piece We Can Offer

Have you ever experience a lack of confidence even with a full face of makeup and the best dress on? People of every shape and size could have body confidence issues, especially on special occasions: a presentation day, a date, or most importantly, a wedding. To not let it pull you down, there are things you can do to deal with these problems. Face makeup alone is just no longer enough these days; body makeup is equally as important. That is why we need Shapewear as our Body Makeup piece!

Women’s Shapewear: The Best Body Makeup Piece We Can Offer 1

The aim of this blog is to introduce you to Up & Under’s women’s shaping underwear as your best body makeup artist that will provide you with higher self- esteem along with a posture improvement. 

Let us present our 3 collections that come with different kinds of fabrics and styles suitable for different occasions and looks. 

Women’s Shapewear: The Best Body Makeup Piece We Can Offer 2

Save the Date Collection: For your best look at any events

A women’s shapewear or shaping underwear for weddings made by Contour fabric with a TUMMY Tuck Tech and a special weaving technique that allows our shapewear to come out seamless. We pay close attention to every little detail so that our shapewear clothing has an extra layer in specific areas to implement your body shape. The collection is proven the best shaping underwear so far. It is perfectly suited for a bride or every woman on special occasions that might need additional support. It will definitely give you the perfect look twenty-four seven.

Women’s Shapewear: The Best Body Makeup Piece We Can Offer 3

Nine2Five Collection: Stress-free on your working days

Nine2Five is one of our best selling collections made of Classic fabric. Apart from the fact that women’s shapewear is the best choice for tummy control, it can smoothen out your thighs and an upper-leg region as well. For office dresses like an A-line skirt or a slack, seamless shaping pants will help hiding unwanted panty lines. The silicone grips will also avoid rolls and curls providing you with confidence in any of your moves. Even on the most stressful presentation day, it is guaranteed to leave you stress-free with your attire by wearing Up&Under ladies shaping pants in Thailand.

Women’s Shapewear: The Best Body Makeup Piece We Can Offer 4

Power Hour Collection: Enjoying your best night out

Women’s high waist shaping pants made of Classic Fabric is designed to firmly stay on its place to keep your tummy, waist, and thighs in their best shape. It will surely not roll upwards forcing you to constantly pull it down. With any theme, any move, any angle, the collection will effortlessly help enhance your figure all night long. 

Though your body shape might be unsatisfying to you, just remember that nothing and nobody is perfect; we all need some helping tools. Like makeup for your face, your body might as well need a little bit of that. Up & Under’s shapewear for women is your perfect assistance to boost up your body confidence: the best shapewear clothing and the best makeup artist for your body!