Understanding Asian Physique

Confidence in Your Physique

Shop our Shapewear in 3 body-loving Shaping Levels designed to smooth, sculpt and contour.

Save The Date

Perfectly Engineered Women’s Shapewear for Weddings

Up & Under’s Save the Date collection is your foundation for special occasions. Tailored to every style of dress, whether you’re dressing for a wedding or formal event, the right shapewear is key to getting your look just right.

Save The Date

Power Hour

Power through the day with high-waist control and shaping

Up & Under's PowerHour women’s high waist shaping shorts and briefs collection is every power woman's secret armor for an important day at work. With high-waist shaping control, get through your big meeting straight into happy hour with no worries.

Power Hour

Nine 2 Five

A workwear foundation for all-day comfort and mobility

Up & Under’s Nine2Five collection is the perfect shapewear for urban working women, made to fit under everyday office wear. This essential piece gives you a powerful balance of control and comfort in medium compression.

Nine 2 Five


Ideal for everyday light and breathable shaping underwear

Up & Under’s TGIF collection is your everyday light and breathable ladies shaping underwear. Comfortably chic, this smoothening shapewear is the fit you can count on every day.


Our Philosophy

Feel Confident

Every woman deserves to feel confident in their physique. Up & Under was born to usher all women through their journey, helping them feel beautiful in their own skin.

Better Fit

Our simple yet functional Shapewear gives you both comfort and control. Curated for an urban lifestyle, our garments adapt to your everyday activities.

An Eye for Quality

Soft and easy-to-wear, Up & Under uses only high-quality materials to ensure the best standard of shapewear that works.

Our Unique Fabric

Every piece of garment we create is engineered with solution-based designs and high standards of fabric for a flawless fit. Our fabric is versatile, so they’ll smooth, tone and shape with any outfit you wear.

Every woman deserves to feel confident in their physique

Up & Under’s collection of women’s shapewear clothes in Thailand was born from a desire to help all women feel beautiful in their clothing. Our functional, yet stylish shapewear provides all-over comfort and control. Curated for an urban lifestyle, our garments adapt to your everyday activities and work perfectly under any attire, be it casual or formal.

Ranging from best women’s panties, briefs high waist shaping shorts in Thailand, our collections offer the highest-quality fit and feel and provide discerning wearers with a seamless silhouette. Designed by experienced women’s shapewear pants designers in Thailand, our products fit all kinds of clothes, and will make you will feel confident throughout the day.

Our fabrics, designs and patterns are specially created to fit asian physique has made us stand out among women’s shaping pants brands in Thailand. While the Classic Fabric gives wearers the utmost breathability and comfort, the Contour Fabric offers a strong hold that perfectly sculpts in all the right places. Up & Under is certainly a comfortable and durable shapewear that fits for all.

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